Metropark – SLS Conference

Metropark USA
In It To Win It – SLS Conference

A series of entertainment-style hosted segments, candid interviews, training materials and high-gloss fashion footage, which were used for corporate branding purposes, retail education and in-store display throughout Metropark stores across the country.

In order to accomplish Metropark’s varied goals we traveled to Beverly Hills during their annual meeting at the SLS Hotel Los Angeles. Our challenge was to capture a daunting amount of footage within a one-day session. We assembled a large and diverse crew of individuals, bringing in pros not only from the L.A. area, but from Cleveland as well.
One of our longest and most demanding days of production turned out to also be one of our most exciting and rewarding ones. We rubbed shoulders with cutting-edge fashion professionals, worked with exceptional talent and crew, had an exclusive interview with artist and Obey giant Shepard Fairey… all in one of L.A.’s premiere locations.