About Fusion

Fusion Filmworks is a Cleveland–based video production company providing complete video and motion solutions to their clients in corporate, civic, healthcare, advertising, and not-for-profit environments. We help our clients identify and shape their message through motion media.

What that means is that we have a unique challenge every time, and with every client. Sometimes we are brought in to develop a new campaign or direction, and in other cases we partner to take an existing idea and move it to the next level. What we bring to the table is the unique understanding of translating idea to final product in the worlds of video, animation and motion design.

Our experience is wide–ranging and varied at FusionFilmworks, exhibited by the very different industries and environments we find ourselves working in. We’ve been involved in generating large scale civic media campaigns, created numerous informational/image pieces in the healthcare industry, and delivered keynote video presentations for major events. We’ve partnered with other creative groups to deliver high-gloss animation and design, and even edited full-length music programming for various PBS affiliates. The diversity of our client list is something that we feel strengthens us, while at the same time keeps us fresh and excited about each new environment we get to explore.

The vehicle, audience and stage may change day-to-day, if that means delivery via web, mobile or even through traditional broadcast channels, but the substance must always be present along with striking professional design, and that is our main focus.